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Engeli Enterprise Development

Who are we?

Engeli Enterprise Development was established by a group of Small Enterprise Development Specialists who have more than 50 years of collective experience, both locally and abroad. Our corporate profile promotes private sector development that includes the following;

  • analysis, design, and improvement of manufacturing and operational systems, 
  • product and process innovation, 
  • market / sector development 
  • Black Economic Empowerment 
  • The conceptualisation and establishment of Business Support Organisations and Incubators. 
Engeli have channelled these experiences into a holistic service offering that is focussed on the development of Business Support Organisations/Structures focussed on the development of technology-based enterprises within the manufacturing and allied sectors of the economy as well as individual enterprises themselves.

What do we do?

Engeli has a strong focus on the productive aspect of the economy (Manufacturing) where job and wealth creation opportunities are more prevalent due to value-chain beneficiation, technology use and innovation. Engeli is positioned to function at the Institutional Support level (Meso) by assisting existing Business Support Organisations (BSO’s) in delivering business development services (BDS) to a regional or sector specific grouping of businesses. Engeli will also assist in conceptualising, designing and implementing new BSO’s that deliver to specific target markets. This will include the establishment of Sectoral Business Incubators that have a focus on manufacturing, innovation and technology.
Engeli remains focussed on addressing the primary needs of Small Enterprises, with the core thrust of Engeli’s efforts being aligned to addressing three fundamental issues and deficits that plague Small Enterprises (SE’s). These are;
  • Access to Markets 
  • Access to Finance 
  • Access to high level business support and mentorship 
Engeli are of the opinion that this focus, in conjunction with a manufacturing/technology/innovation bias, is necessary to grow and sustain Small Enterprises, in support of wealth and much needed job creation. The holistic approach is indicated in the diagram below.
Holistic Approach

What makes Engeli unique?

  • Access to highly qualified technical staff that have many years of experience in business development and support, particularly within a technological business environment. 
  • Focus on the productive side of the economy where job and wealth creation are prevalent 
  • Full turn-key business development support offering 
  • Flexibility in structuring a be-spoke model to suit the client’s individual needs 
  • Fast-tracking of enterprise growth and development through market and supply chain linkages 
For Further information contact Wayne Oosthuizen on or on 0861 55 55 44