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The Engeli Team is proud to be associated with some incredible companies, 

some new partner companies and a vast range of companies who've been partnered 

with us for many years. We couldn't do it without them. 


“The BKB Group values the input and expertise that the Engeli Group provides. Understanding our integrated business model is a prerequisite to providing effective solutions for the Group. Engeli staff have committed to understanding this and we are proud to call them a partner.”

- Andre du Toit, Executive Director, BKB Group


"Goldberg & De Villiers Inc has contracted Engeli for the past few years as our B-BBEE Consultants to assist us in better understanding and achieving our desired B-BBEE Goals. The Engeli team is both professional and reliable, has a sound understanding of the Codes of Good Practice and makes every effort to understand our Company's needs and desired goals. We are therefore in a position to highly recommend Engeli Enterprise Development."

- Shelley O'Halloran, Practice Manager, Goldberg & De Villiers Inc



"It is with gratification that BLG Logistics of South Africa (Pty) Ltd refer Engeli Enterprise Development as a professional and extremely constant company to do business with. BLG Logistics of South Africa (Pty) Ltd has been engaging with Engeli as our B-BBEE Consultants for the past 6 years.  The company has assisted us in achieving the best B-BBEE score possible by means of strategic planning and implementation of B-BBEE initiatives. We hereby refer Engeli as our preferred B-BBEE service provider."

- Paul Wolmarans, BLG Logistics of South Africa (Pty) Ltd



"Tenneco Clean Air has been using Engeli for the past 2 years to assist our B-BBEE Score Card. Their in-depth knowledge of the Act has allowed our company to reach our desired outcome in the most cost-effective manner whilst still staying true to transformation. They have a dedicated team that are always available at a moment's notice, and deal with every individual professionally irrespective of his or her status in the Company. I would highly recommend their services."

- Walter Stevens, HR Manager, Tenneco Clean Air



“Over the past two financial years, S4 Integration managed to significantly improve its B-BBEE rating and Engeli was instrumental in assisting us to achieve this. Engeli provided us with a lean, clean, effective and efficient strategy to implement and this has delivered results above expectation. Their detailed knowledge and understanding of the B-BBEE legislation and commitment to cost-effective transformation has added value to our business. We highly recommend Engeli’s services.”

- Renaldo O'Connor, Financial Manager, S4 Group



"Some two years ago, Ebor Automotive Systems elected to appoint Engeli Enterprise Development as our B-BBEE and Employment Equity consultant and partner. This decision followed a number of earlier engagements with the Engeli team, who impressed us with their holistic, original, insightful but pragmatic approach to business development. Working with Engeli, Ebor has been able to develop and adapt its B-BBEE & EE strategies to take account of the changing business environment and the rapid development of the company. The Engeli consultants have proven to be skilled and consistent guides and mentors to fully achieving our objectives, bringing a high degree of professional expertise as well as robust project management skills to the team. Throughout, there has been a focus on putting in place solutions which are of genuine value-add to the company and its employees, rather than simply “ticking the box”. Ebor has no hesitation in commending the services of Engeli, and we look forward to continuing to develop our own relationship with them in the future."

- Andy Dealtry, Director, Ebor Automotive Systems



“Baypac Solutions is pleased to be associated with Engeli. Their knowledge on B-BBEE is phenomenal, and their strategic planning, advice and commitment to ensuring we get the best result is outstanding. Sometimes they can be like a dog with a bone. They will keep on digging for ways to improve or secure our level on the score card. They are able to offer us the “Full Package” and the people are an absolute pleasure to deal with.“

- Gerhard Oosthuizen, Managing Director, Baypac Solutions (Pty) Ltd


Partners with whom we are proud to be associated with

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