Engeli, a name derived from the word Engel (German for Angel), is the name given to a range of mountains in the Eastern Cape. It was this range of mountains looked upon by Oliver Reginald Tambo during his formative years and the remaining years of his life following his exile.

“Looking out from my home, the site of it commanded a wide view of the terrain as it swept from the vicinity of my home and stretched away as far as the eye could see – the panorama bordered on a high range of mountains that we could see from our home. The Engeli Mountains were a huge wall that rolls in the distance to mark the end of a very broken landscape, landscape of great variety and, looking back now, I would say of great beauty? But the nagging question was, what lay beyond the Engeli Mountains? Just exactly what was there? How far would one be able to walk over the mountains to Egoli, Johannesburg? What sort of world would it be? What did it conceal from my view?

I saw two worlds. The one in the vicinity of my home? This was my world. I understood it from my mother’s rondavel? I was part of this world. There was obviously another one beyond the Engeli Mountains.”


Engeli provides a range of consulting services to businesses in the following areas:

  • Corporate Finance, Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • BBBEE Consulting and Implementation Services
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Business Support and Incubation Services
  • Supply Chain Development


We believe that equipping entrepreneurs and enterprises with our innovative business solutions will contribute towards robust economic development. We focus on addressing the primary needs of Small Enterprises, with the core thrust of Engeli’s efforts being aligned to addressing three fundamental issues and deficits that plague Small Enterprises (SE’s). These are;

• Access to Markets
• Access to Finance
• Access to high level business support and mentorship

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